Vacuum Kit Bundle (SBC or BBC)

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Here's our Custom Designed Universal Vacuum Kit Bundle including Genuine MOROSO Products specifically chosen for your Chevy.

Will fit both Small Block and Big Block Chevy Applications.

Kit Includes:  Pump, Tank, Vented Fitting, Relief Valve (Regulator), Drive Mandrel, and Pulley 


Bundle Details:


Moroso Vacuum Pump Nos. 22640 and 22641 can be driven no faster than 6500 RPM. The Moroso Vacuum Pump Nos. 22642 and 22643 can be driven as high as 8000 RPM. Moroso offers many ratio options for two reasons. First, by spinning the pump fast enough to achieve the desired vacuum at staging RPM is critical to getting the most performance from your vacuum system. Typically the amount of vacuum it makes below your staging RPM is not as important as it is when you are under a load and ready to make your run.

Second, with engines that either run on alcohol, are supercharged or turbocharged, having the pump spin to maximum RPM to maintain vacuum is necessary in some cases. This will decrease the life of the pump, but will achieve the desired results.

  • "Enhanced Design" pulls 13.9% more vacuum
  • Can be used efficiently on wet or dry-sump engines
  • Achieves greater vacuum sooner, virtually maintenance free
  • 4-Vane design weighs less than "original" style pumps
  • Designed with maintenance-free precision sealed roller bearings
  • 4.375" O.D. body, 5.050" from back of pump to pulley mounting flange
  • Mounting Bracket INCLUDED


  • Remote breather tank is a perfect companion for Moroso's Racing Vacuum Pumps or Dry Sump Tanks has -12AN fitting to simplify plumbing
  • All aluminum, lightweight tank features mounting straps to simplify installation
  • Includes non-hooded, clamp-on style Filtered Breather that traps oil while allowing air to escape freely
  • Petcock facilitates tank draining
  • Dimensions: 3-1/8" diameter, 6-1/2" tank height (without filter), 11-1/2" overall height


  • Designed to greatly simplify the plumbing of a vacuum pump
  • Screws into side of valve cover
  • Provides leak free O-ring seal on any flat valve cover surface
  • No welding required
  • Anodized to prevent corrosion
  • 12AN Fitting, Positive Sealing, one per package


  • Regulator screws directly into vacuum pump's -12AN inlet
  • 360° directional adjustability
  • Prevents the need for drilling additional holes in the valve cover
  • Anodized - clear
  • Prevents pulling excess oil out of the crankcase
  • Vacuum Pump Regulator, Shim-able Spring Style


  • Extra long to accommodate any combination
  • Steel, self-centering mandrel bolts directly to harmonic balancer for dead-accurate concentricity
  • Pulleys are 6061-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized for exceptional strength and extended service life
  • Includes: 2-1/2" V-belt pulley for vacuum pump, 1" (16-tooth) Gilmer pulley for external oil pump, guide plates, assorted spacers, belt guides & hardware
  • For optimum accessory speed, use with Moroso Dry Sump Gilmer Pulleys, and Vacuum Pump V-Belt Pulley No. 64885


  • Fits Moroso Racing Vacuum Pumps or similar "smog" pumps that use OE-style, 3-bolt mounting pattern
  • Precision machined from the highest grade aircraft aluminum and hard-coat anodized for extended service life
  • Deep V-groove ensures belt retention under all racing conditions
  • Machined with six holes to reduce weight
  • 5" diameter pulley uses stock (3-bolt) mounting pattern with 1.16" bolt circle

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