Jesel BBC Solid Upper Pulley Belt Drive Kit

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Break the chain with built-to-last, built-to-win camshaft belt drives from Jesel. For engine builders and racers currently running chain or gear drives, Jesel offers cost effective alternatives--solid upper pulley design systems. These camshaft belt drives feature a solid, one piece hard-coated billet upper pulley design that offers cam timing adjustability of ± 8 degrees. Proven standard features such as a 25 mm reinforced HTD belt, bronze thrust washers and high vacuum PTFE-coated cam and crank seals will reward you with years of dependable service. Camshaft belt drives reduce oil windage, they are significantly stronger than timing chains and are gentler than gear drives on the valvetrain. Jesel designs components not just to survive but thrive, so go racing with great American know-how--Jesel camshaft belt drive systems.


Camshaft Belt Drive System, Solid Upper Pulley, Chevy, Small Block V8, 4.3L V-6, Kit

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