JE/SRP 408 LS Forged Flat Top Pistons & Rings Combo

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JE Pistons are top-notch for all racing applications.  Here at Jensen's we pulled the most popular Piston & Ring packages together that we use in many of our Race-Winning Engines at the shop.  This combo is exclusively used in our 600HP 6.0L/408 cu. in. Street Engines.

In this LS Combo Kit you'll get SRP PROFESSIONAL pistons and a customized ring package to match.

LS Forged Flat Top Piston

  • LS2/6.0L 408ci
  • Bore: 4.030"
  • Stroke: 4.000"
  • Weight: 393 Grams
  • Rod Length: 6.125"
  • Head Volume: -5.0cc

Compression Ratio:

  • 64cc 11.7:1
  • 66cc 11.5:1
  • 72cc 10.7:1


  • Advanced, lightweight FSR forging that eliminates stress concentrations for superior strength
  • Up to 20% lighter than traditional equivalent
  • High-silicon 4032 aluminum alloy for reduced piston-to-wall clearance and quiet operation
  • Accumulator grooves for improved ring seal
  • Designed for normally aspirated or moderate forced induction/nitrous applications
  • Lightweight, low friction metric ring package included
  • 1.2mm Steel Nitrided top ring, 1.5mm Napier 2nd ring, 3.0mm oil ring.
  • Napier 2nd ring for improved oil control
  • High quality 2.250" pin further reduces reciprocating weight
  • Carbon steel wire locks included

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