JE BBC Open Chamber Dome Top Piston & Rings Combo

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JE Pistons are top-notch for all racing applications.  Here at Jensen's we pulled the most popular Piston & Ring packages together that we use in many of our Race-Winning Engines at the shop.  

In this BBC Combo Kit you'll get JE's open dome pistons and a customized ring package to match.

JE Pistons big block open chamber dome top pistons are an excellent choice for drag race applications. Their compression height is figured using a 9.780 in. block height with zero deck clearance. The pistons include a pin, double Spiro locks, and double pin oilers. 

Bore (in):4.600 in.

Bore (mm):116.840mm

Piston Style:Dome, with two valve reliefs

Piston Material:Forged aluminum

Compression Height (in):1.120 in.

Piston Head Volume (cc):-40.00cc

Wrist Pin Style:Press-fit or floating

Pin Lock Rings Included:No

Wrist Pin Included:Yes

Pin Diameter (in):0.990 in.

Piston Ring Thickness:1/16 in. x 1/16 in. x 3/16 in.

Piston Rings Included:No

Quantity:Sold as a set of 8.

Notes:Oil rail support included.

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