JE BBC Open Chamber Dome Top Gas Ported Pistons & Rings Combo

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JE Pistons are top-notch for all racing applications.  Here at Jensen's we pulled the most popular Piston & Ring packages together that we use in many of our Race-Winning Engines at the shop.   This combo is exclusively used in our conventional head, bracket raced 582s.

In this BBC Combo Kit you'll get JE's gas ported pistons and a customized ring package to match.

JE Pistons open chamber dome top gas ported pistons are the top choice for drag race applications. These pistons have vertical gas ports, backcut top and D wall second rings (.043, .043, 3.0mm), and a low-tension oil ring. Their compression height is figured using a 9.780 in. block height with zero deck clearance. They include a pin and double Spiro locks.

JE Pistons Premium Race series piston rings offer unbeatable performance. They feature high-quality materials suitable for high-horsepower needs. When you need performance, JE Pistons has you covered.

Bore (in):4.600 in.

Bore (mm):116.840mm

Piston Style:Dome, with two valve reliefs

Piston Material:Forged aluminum

Compression Height (in):1.060 in.

Piston Head Volume (cc):-43.00cc

Wrist Pin Style:Press-fit or floating

Pin Lock Rings Included:No

Wrist Pin Included:Yes

Pin Diameter (in):0.990 in.

Piston Ring Thickness:0.043 in. x 0.043 in. x 3.00mm

Piston Rings Included:No

Quantity:Sold as a set of 8.

Notes:Oil rail support included.

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